[Rhodes22-list] Michigan City Boat Show

Paul Grandholm rhodes22-list@rhodes22.org
Tue, 6 Aug 2002 10:27:00 -0400

Julie & Dan,

     Wow, you are coming a long way.  You must be really serious.  I 
would take Ken's advice on the Indian Oak Inn in Chesterton, IN.  It's a 
very nice place and reasonable to boot.  Michigan City has a Holiday Inn 
& some other places but they're not as nice.  Wagner's in Chesterton is a 
joint, but has the best ribs I've ever eaten.  In Michigan City there is 
Galveston's Steak House & Matey's close to the harbor (you'll see them 
driving in).  North of the harbor (5 minutes or less) tucked away where 
you'd never find it without looking for it is a cute little restaurant 
with a nautical theme called Swingbelly's.  You didn't ask, but there is 
also a large outlet mall close to the harbor (Lighthouse Mall) if you're 
into shopping.  All outdoors, nothing like Mall of America.  My wife 
loves it.
     My boat is in the next harbor north of Michigan City (15 minutes by 
car) in New Buffalo, MI.  Ken's is just upriver from the show.  If you 
would like to get together, I could go there pretty much anytime.  You 
are also welcome to come up to New Buffalo if you want to see another 

>Dan and I are planning on heading to the Michigan City show and will arrive
>on Friday afternoon/evening. If any of you are going to be at that show, it
>would be nice to meet. Recommendations on where to stay would also be
>appreciated, if you have them.
>Julie T. and Dan D.
>Rhodes Wannabees
>Excelsior, MN

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