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See if you can talk Elton into taking a week's vacation at Hartwell. We
could really use the rain. ;o)


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     Will you and Dorene be able to stay for dinner?  It started raining
last night.  Elton must be here with Stan.

>Kind of catchy SLMRYC. You're breaking new ground here!
>See you Sat.

>> Michigan City Boat Show Attendees:
>>      If Galveston's Steak House sounds OK to you, let me know if you're
>> in & how many in your party.  I'll try to make reservations for 7:00 pm
>> (Central Daylight Time) Saturday night.  We might even be able to talk
>> them into letting us park there for the boat show with the understanding
>> that we'll then walk back from the boat show, eat dinner and already have
>> our cars there when we leave.  So far we have:
>> Julie & Dan Thorndycraft
>> Carol & Paul Grandholm
>> Jo & Ken Wise
>> Becky & Ronald Lipton
>> Dorene & Glen Barrera?
>> Stan Spitzer & Co.?
>> We'll call it the first official meeting of the Southeast Lake Michigan
>> Rhodes 22 Yacht Club.  Anyone else?  The more the merrier!
>> Paul

Paul Grandholm
C&H Technology
GrandPower Components Div.

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