[Rhodes22-list] Re: [rhodes-list] Labor Day Weekend Rhodes Rendezvous - show of hands?

Mary Lou Troy rhodes22-list@rhodes22.org
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 21:37:41 -0400

Hey all you Chesapeake Rhodies (or other interested parties - keyword is 
"party"), I haven't had much response to the question below.

The Philadelphia Folk Festival is over and we're getting ready to sail. Is 
my email broken? My reputation as social secretary is on the line here. Put 
up or shut up. I'm going to start demanding excuses and you all are going 
to miss a very good time. Middle River Rhodies - this is a half day sail 
for you. Annapolis Rhodies - it's less than a whole day to Fairlee. There 
is crew space for anyone who might like to come by land.

Anyone interested? Gil, we'll see you there.

Mary Lou
1991 R22 Fretless
Swan Creek, MD / Ft. Washington, PA

At 08:43 PM 8/13/2002 -0400, Mary Lou Troy wrote:
>So, is anyone up for a rendezvous in Fairlee Creek Labor Day weekend?
>Gil Eaton will be vacationing in a lovely rental house on Fairlee Creek 
>and has suggested that this would be a great spot for a rendezvous. He'll 
>be sailing Closing Time down on Sat. 8/31. We thought we might sail 
>Fretless up from Swan Creek. Anyone care to join us?
>Fairlee Creek is a protected anchorage. Gil's house has a dock, a deck, 
>charcoal grill and other amenities. The Creek is also home to Mears Great 
>Oak Marina and it's dock bar Jellyfish Joels.
>Fairlee is an easy sail from the Middle River and day's sail from 
>Annapolis. There is a ramp on Fairlee that might work if anyone wants to 
>trailer in.
>Hope to see some of you there.
>Mary Lou
>1991 R22 Fretless
>Swan Creek, MD / Ft. Washington, PA
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