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For you guys that have already left the Sailnet List, an interesting

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Subject: Changes at SailNet

> Cheryl and I would like to let you know about some changes that are taking
> place at SailNet.  As most of you know, we've spent the past three years
> integrating the old JSI into SailNet.  We've also survived some very
> troubling times for any small company, much less a "dot com." Between
> economic meltdowns and terrorists we've struggled to maintain a quality of
> service for our customers - the people who ultimately make SailNet
> We're fully aware that we've missed that goal on occasion, delivering
> than" the service you deserve.  We want you to know that we're taking
> to improve the way we do business.
> The first step was selling three operating units, Canvas, Cushions and
> Spars, to a group based in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The second step is to
> relocate the remaining Florida operations, Order Fulfillment, AirForce
> Sails, and Custom Rigging to a new facility located in North Charleston,
> South Carolina.  That will be accomplished over this upcoming weekend.
> the next few months, we will move the rest of the Company into this new
> facility.
> What does this mean for you?  Three things.  First, the three units that
> sold each produce high quality custom products, but, for a very small
> audience, most of whom are located within a 60 mile radius of Tampa/St.
> Petersburg, Florida.  As hard as we tried, these units do not fit with our
> business model and national audience.  We have formed a strategic alliance
> with the new owners so that we can continue to supply these items to our
> customers that need them.
> Second, by moving the remaining parts of the business to our facility in
> South Carolina, we no longer have to charge sales tax in the state of
> Florida.  That's right, no more sales tax for Florida residents beginning
> September 1st.
> Third, by consolidating all our operations into a state-of-the-art
> in South Carolina we will improve the quality of service we deliver to
you -
> both with faster order processing and shorter shipping times (St.
> was almost at the end of the logistics pipeline).
> As part of this process, we've also increased staffing in our Call Center
> and Customer Service and we've started implementing a new inventory
> management system.  We intend to steadily improve the quality of service
> the point where your service experience at SailNet is literally "second to
> none."
> We appreciate your past support and business.  Please let us know how
> doing as these changes unfold over the next several months.  Your feedback
> is as important to us as ever - without you there is no SailNet.
> Sam and Cheryl Boyle
> Co-founders
> http://www.sailnet.com
> SailNet, Where Sailors get it!