[Rhodes22-list] True Confessions

Rik Sandberg sanderico@earthlink.net
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 12:18:11 -0600


Nuts???? Well, some would debate that :-) :-)  Really though, when I do 
stuff, or go places I usually like to have the most versatile vehicle 
possible. They also need to be tough, 'cause I don't chicken out easy. :-) 
This boat is both. Like I told Brad earlier, I don't know where I'll go or 
what I'll do with this boat yet, but you can bet, if something comes up, I 
won't miss an opportunity because I wasn't ready for anything.

There is a short list of boats that I have come up with over the last 
couple of years that are the only boats I would buy to replace our R22. And 
only then because they are boats that are designed to go anywhere and deal 
with almost anything. There aren't IMHO too many ways to improve on an R22 
and these boats are not necessarily of any better quality, but they are 
quite a bit beefier. They are; the Flicka 20 and Dana 24 (both by Pacific 
Seacraft), Nor-sea 27 and Montgomery 23 (Montgomery and Nor-Sea are really 
the same people) and the Falmouth Cutter 22 (talk about $$$, by the Samuel 
Morse Co.) All of these boat are semi-custom boats, built one at a time by 
hand, the same way the R22's are. So, yes, they aren't cheap.

No, I didn't win the lottery, I suppose I might have had a better chance if 
I had actually bought a ticket, eh??? This Flicka is a 1982 model and while 
it wasn't cheap, I like to believe you tend to get what you are willing to 
pay for. When I bought our Rhodes, compared to other boats of it's age, 
size and design, it wasn't exactly cheap either, in comparison. But I felt 
the quality was there so I went for it.

We are hoping to get her in a slip a Barkers Island Marina in Superior WI. 
And pull her in Sept., just in time to take her to Ky Lake.

Hope to be able to show her to you at Ky Lake next year. Careful though, I 
just may shoot back. :-) :-) Maybe Steve will bring his cannon over too :-)


At 11:56 AM 12/15/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Are you nuts? The base price on this really strange looking boat is $59,000.
>Then you start adding the options. Did you win the lottery? Where are you
>going to keep this boat? How often do you think you will sail her? More than
>twice a season?
>I'm sorry, but I think you have been sniffing the glue bottle once to often.
>Somebody slap him and get him back to his senses.
>I've been threatening to mount a canon on the foredeck of RumRunner and now I
>may just have to do it before KL next year.
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