The Rhodes 22 Owners' Group Email List

Usage Guidelines

ACCOUNT MAINTENANCE: To subscribe, unsubscribe, change your delivery options, recover a lost password, temporarily disable/enable your account, maintain dual email addresses, etc., go to the list admin page.

POSTING: You must be subscribed to the list to post messages. Once you have subscribed, sending mail to will distribute it to all the members of the mailing list.

ATTACHMENTS: You may include certain attachments to your messages. Most image files and plain text files will be accepted as well as PDF files. Attachments that are accepted by the email list software will be kept on our server. The attachments themselves will not be distributed to other list members. Instead, links to the attachments will be inserted into the distributed message at the very bottom of the message. Attachments that are not accepted by the email list software will simply be stripped out of the message before it is distributed.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues beyond our control, if you send email to the list from an Apple computer using the native email client, your attachments will probably be stripped out as well. As a work-around, you could use a third-party email client instead. The Spark email client is free and seems to work for sending attachments to the list

REPLYING: When replying to a post, you should make a point of replying at the top of the message. Also, it's a good practice to remove all but the most relevant quoted text in your reply. This keeps messages smaller, for easy reading, and makes archive searches more efficient because there is less duplicated material.

SUBJECT LINES: Subject lines are important, especially for keeping the archives useful. If you start a subject thread, please try to make the subject line as descriptive as you can. If you reply to a message in a way that changes the subject, please change the subject line accordingly.