[Rhodes22-list] Re: Exit Lines

Roland.John rhodes22-list@rhodes22.org
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 17:46:43 -0400

WOW!  You guys aren't going to let the big one get away are you?  Thanks =
to all for your input. =20

Stan:  Good call. I sat in this seat with the pop-top up and noticed I =
was well clear of the cabin roof but didn't think to drop the pop-top =
and close the hatch.  I bet you are right.  This seat would probably =
work for sitting at the galley during foul weather. Could also use it =
with the pop-top enclosure.  For lounging around I'd probably put a few =
pillows behind my back and slouch down on the settee anyway.  Well, the =
Rhodes is still in the running. Thanks again.  John

Hey, I caught this one and could not help replying.

In the aft seat of the "U" shaped dinette seat and with the pop top =
DOWN, you could sit a basketball player since the sliding hatch design =
increases the cabin headroom substantially over this seat.

Of course eating in the cockpit when the table is moved to its second =
socket, is another story (or two)..