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Gee John,

     You're really serious about this sitting headroom thing aren't you?  
I'm 6'2" and I would like to suggest that if sitting headroom is that 
important to you, then standing headroom will be just as important if not 
more so over the long haul.  I get that with the Rhodes 22 Pop Top.  I 
had to go to a boat over 30' before I could stand up in the cabin.  
Obviously your cost is commensurate to boat length.  A simple solution is 
to sit in the cabin with your back to the hatch.  To make this 
arrangement comfortable, buy a "Sport Seat" for $60.00 at any boat show.  
I think Stan sells them too.  They're portable, padded, and have an 
adjustable back (from 90 degrees straight up to 180 degrees completely 
flat).  They come in a multitude of colors.  I have two on the boat for 
guests which I use mainly in the cockpit.  In the off season, we bring 
them home to sometimes sit on the floor next to the fireplace.  They're 
that comfortable.

>Bob and Kathy,
>Thanks,  more grist for the mill is good.  The Rhodes just keeps looking
> better and better.  Maybe I'll have to learn to slouch.  Or maybe I COULD
> raise the roof...
>Hmmm...   Hey Group.
>Has anyone ever thought of this.  Take your trusty sawzall and cut through
> the sidewalls just above and below the ports.  Leave a nice tab at the deck
> and the edge of the cabin roof.  Raise the roof about 4" and build new
> sidewalls from epoxy coated marine plywood.  through bolt and epoxy/glass
> the walls to the deck and roof tabs.  Cut the same 4" off the bottom of the
> mast.  This keeps the sails, fore- and back stays, upper shrouds, their
> chainplates and the pop-top mast mountings un-modified.  Rear pop-top frame
> mounts don't change as they are below the cut-off line.   Lower shrouds will
> be shortened and their chainplates remounted.  Interior bulkheads will be
> replaced with taller ones and a bit of care with the rear cabin wall to
> maintain a flat mating surface for the new cabin door.  Wouldn't want to do
> this to a good boat but if I decide to get a fixer-upper it looks do-able.
>Questions:  What have I missed here?  Has anyone ever cut through the cabin
> walls?  What is their construction, solid FRP or cored?  If cored, with
> what?  Since the mast is roof stepped and there appears to be no compression
> post, is there any reinforcement in the cabin walls to stabilize/support the
> roof?  What else am I going to be cutting through,  I know there will be
> some wiring and I'll have to work around the chainplates, anything else?
>Stan;  I know you lurk on this list,  would you care to comment?  If you, or
> anyone else has concerns about liability, I'll be glad to sign a release,
> I'm trying to modify a boat to my own design, not create a lawsuit.
>Any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks  John Roland
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>John:  A couple of years ago a couple next to us in the marina purchased a
> Seaward '23.  We often found ourselves heading out to sail a few times.
> After a year of watching us jump on the boat, store our goodies, ready for
> cast off, away we went with sails up just as we cleared the docks, they came
> over one evening totally disgusted and dejected that they didn't go the
> Rhodes route.  They felt our boat looked better, the cockpit was so much
> larger, and the ease of operation - furled Genoa and IMF - were what they
> should have gone for.  They were going to try to sell their boat and look to
> GB for a Rhodes 22.  Don't know whether they did or not, but their comments
> pretty well told the story.
>Oh, on performance, the boats were pretty evenly matched but we generally
> managed to pull ahead and leave them behind over time.
>Bob and Kathy on the "NoKaOi"

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