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Julie Thorndycraft rhodes22-list@rhodes22.org
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 06:30:47 -0500

The steakhouse sounds great - it will be fun to actually meet all of you and
hear about your Rhodes adventures (and other interesting stories)!


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> Julie,
>      Ron's right about the traffic.  All the traffic from that point
> North has to funnel down around the Southern edge of Lake Michigan
> (including all of Chicago).
>      We are completely flexible.  Since you're coming the furthest and
> Ron has other commitments to work around, we can adjust to what works
> best for you.  Ken & I had talked about trying to get everyone together
> for dinner one night.  Right now Saturday looks like it might be the best
> time.  We thought Galveston's Steak House might work best since it is so
> close, relatively large & rarely crowded.  Ron, it's nice of you to offer
> your place, but with everything else you have going on that weekend,
> going to a restaurant might be easier on you & your family.
>      Julie, let me know if you want to drive 10 or 15 minutes North to
> New Buffalo, Michigan to see my boat, so we can arrange when and where to
> meet.  I'm not sure if you'll see any more than you would on Stan's
> display model but you're welcome to look it over for comparison value and
> go for a sail.
>      Glen & Doreen:  Do you or any of the Chicago Rhodies have any plans
> to come over?
> Paul
> >
> >Getting around Chicago late on a Friday afternoon is a nightmare.  Try to
> > pass through a little earlier if
> >possible.  We could meet for drinks and perhaps a cookout at our house in
> > Long Beach, about 10
> >minutes from Washington Park, in the late afternoon on Saturday (I have
> > work Friday and meet
> >relatives in Chicago on Sunday).  If that doesn't work out we could meet
> > drinks at Basil's, a few
> >blocks in from the harbor or on the yacht club deck.
> >
> >
> >Ron Lipton
> >
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> >
> >  Good morning,
> >  Just got final confirmation from Stan that he is on his way to the show
> > which means that Dan and I will also be there. We are staying at the
> > Garden Inn in Chesterton - the Indian Oak Inn did not have room. I have
> > AAA triptik ordered and ready to pick up. Mapquest says it's an 8 hour
> > so I figure that we will arrive late afternoon on Friday, depending on
> > we get around Chicago.
> >
> >  I'm hoping that we will be able to sail with Stan and also do a test
run on
> > raising/lowering the mast and loading the Rhodes on a trailer. We helped
> > some friends haul out their new Precision 23 and it was not an easy
> > - took about five attempts to get it centered on the trailer properly!
> >
> >  I would really enjoy meeting all of you and learning more about your
> > and what features you have or 'wish you had'. Our main purpose for this
> > is to identify what we want on the boat initially and what we could add
> > ourselves later on.
> >  Let me know when you each might be available and willing to share your
> > knowledge and possibly visit your boat. Alternatively, maybe we could
> > meet for drinks?
> >  Julie
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