[Rhodes22-list] Fandango

Pamela Vana rhodes22-list@rhodes22.org
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 15:10:49 -0600


We can certainly understand your desire to re-name your beloved boat. 
Our new boat came to us as 'Floating Stone', which soon became
'Kizmet'.  Guess the prior owners' last name was Stone, but still think
the name very unflattering for our beautiful Island Packet (just ask
Rummy . . .  he REALLY likes our new boat!).  Anyway, Alex has joked
that the prior owners decided to buy an RV to tour the country by land,
and named it 'Rolling Stone'.  Who knows?

Regards, Pamela

Steve Alm wrote:

. . .  First of all, the name Amethyst was something that we all agreed
had to go.  We didn't want our boat to be the name of a rock that