The Rhodes 22 Owners' Group R22 Owners' Group

Welcome to the website of the Rhodes 22 Owners' Group

Rhodes 22 Burgees are now available. Go to the Burgee Page for details.

The Rhodes 22 Owners' Group is a collection of people who either own a Rhodes 22 sailboat (in some cases more than one), are former owners of a Rhodes 22 sailboat, or are thinking about buying a Rhodes 22 sailboat. Anyone with any interest in the Rhodes 22 is welcome to join us.

This website serves as a place to welcome those who have recently become interested in the Rhodes 22, and as a library of pictures, articles, documents, and links for anyone looking for more information about the Rhodes 22.

The real action in our community happens on our email list.

And there's also a Facebook Group.

Your webmaster (Mike Weisner) covers the cost of hosting the Rhodes 22 Owner’s Group website and email list out of his own pocket. If you would like to help, please use the ‘Donate’ button below. A donation of $10 per year is suggested. Thank you.

Historical Note:

Most of the content on this website was created around the year 2000 ... a few years before; a few years after. After that time, little was added. As a result, a lot what you see here might seem somewhat dated. But that doesn't mean it's not relevant. The Rhodes 22 sailboat is the same boat today that it was in the year 2000.

In 2020 an effort was undertaken to revitilize the website, to modernize the look and feel, and perhaps to add some new bells and whistles. If you're reading this, it's an indication that this effort has been at least partially successful. Thank you for your patience.

The email list, on the other hand has been going strong the entire time, so, if you have an interest in the Rhodes 22, feel free to hop on board.